Funding Information


Traineeships are initially made for one year. Contingent on normal progress, based in part on the student and mentor annual reports (see below), renewal will be made for a second year by the training program director. 


Trainees receive an annual stipend from the training grant of (currently) $23,376, issued monthly ($1,948/mo). Stipends should be supplemented by the trainee’s mentor and/or department to bring the level of support to at least that equal to a 49% Graduate Student Researcher (GSR) level, or the recommended ACCESS yearly stipend ($30,000 for the 2013-14 academic year).


The C&MB training grant attempts to cover full registration and medical insurance fees. However, NIH does not fully support these fees. If we are unable to secure alternate funding for the difference in fees, faculty mentors will be responsible for covering any shortfall.


Stipends are considered fellowships, and are not taxed as received. However, the stipend/fellowship must be reported on the trainee’s yearly tax forms. Trainees may want to adjust their W2 payroll deductions to compensate.Go to for information on reporting fellowships or contact your departmental payroll office for advice.

Travel Awards

Limited travel funds are available on a first-come, first-served basis for a talk or presentation of a paper or poster at scientific meetings. Limited funds are also available for intensive training courses and workshops. Trainees must inform the C&MB Program Office and request a travel application as early as possible prior to the conference, course or workshop to determine funding availability.