The Cellular and Molecular Biology (CMB) Training Program at UCLA funded by a grant from the National Institutes of Health. First awarded in 1974, the program has supported 562 students, most of whom later advanced to full-time research and teaching positions.  A summary of the current positions held by former CMB trainees receiving a PhD within the last 15 years, and the average number of years taken to attain this degree, is shown here and under "People" in the menu above.

The mission of the CMB Training Program is:

     - to provide the next generation of PhDs with the knowledge and foundational skills they need to excel in the fields of cell and molecular biology.

     - to foster interactions of students and faculty from multiple programs and departments with a common interest in cell and molecular biology.

     - to provide students with the technical, operational, and professional skills required to pursue biomedical careers after graduation.

This mission is accomplished by providing a student-centered, inclusive, safe, and supportive research environment for trainees. CMB trainees engage in an active learning curriculum that provides training in cellular and molecular biology skills and approaches, experimental design, data acquisition and storage, statistical analysis, data interpretation, ethical conduct in research, and the art of science communication (written and oral). This mission is also accomplished by providing structured activities that promote cohort cohesion and allow students to develop leadership and teamwork skills. Finally, the CMB courses and activities expose students to diverse science careers and engage students in career development activities that prepare them for these careers.


Commitment to Underrepresented Students and Students with Disabilities

Because UCLA is located in a diverse and multi-ethnic cultural environment, special attention has been focused on promoting the inclusion of underrepresented individuals at the undergraduate, graduate, and faculty levels. Read more


CMB Annual Newsletter

We are now in our 46th year on the NIGMS training grant and currently support 24 predoctoral students... View the current newsletter