Maloy, Jeffrey P. (2012-2015)


Jeff is in the Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Molecular Genetics.  He joined the training program in 2012. His research mentor is Dr. Jeffrey F. Miller.  He received a B.S. degree in 2011 from UC San Diego. 

Mentor: Dr. Jeffrey F. Miller

Research project:


Burkholderia pseudomallei (Bp) is a gram negative, soil-dwelling bacterium endemic to Southeast Asia and Northern Australia. Bp is an intracellular pathogen and the causative agent of melioidosis in animals and humans, which presents with a variety of symptoms and can be fatal. The aim of my research is to map the regulatory circuitry involved in host cell interaction at various steps of the Bp intracellular life cycle, and to identify novel factors involved in pathogenesis. My approach will involve a combination of RNA-seq studies and genetic manipulations to characterize the regulatory cascade and pathogenic determinants involved in the Bp intracellular life cycle.